Steven Bender, CEO Steven L. Bender

Steven is responsible for iMagic Software strategy, execution, and funding.  In addition to the business/marketing side, Steven is a domain expert in technology and co-developer of Trustable Passwords technology.  Steven has 30+ years experience including CEO, COO, CTO, and senior marketing, sales, and technology management responsibilities within industry leading software firms. Steven has a distinguished track-record in all aspects of the software business, and has received multiple awards for leadership, innovation and product excellence.

Prior to co-founding iMagic Software, Steven was a senior manager and subject-matter-expert for PricewaterhouseCoopers with key roles in Barnes & Noble's ePublishing play,, and Sony's American launch of Playstation 2, among others.

Before this, Steven co-founded Altamira Group, a venture capital start-up in Burbank, Ca, based on Genuine Fractals, a seminal professional digital image scaling product, which quickly became the industry leader and is still the world-wide gold-standard.  Steven led the initial product development team and was responsible for sales & marketing.

Earlier, Steven was EVP/COO for Phoenix Software and lead the company into new product areas and major revenue growth.   Prior to this Steven held key roles at 2 high-growth software companies, and a VC startup.

Steven holds an MBA from USC magna cum laude and a BS cum laude from Cal Poly Pomona.

Steven is a veteran and served on the ground with the Navy in Vietnam.


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